Moisture Vapor Emissions Eliminators used to reduce & eliminate moisture & vapor in existing concr


Reduces & Eliminates Moisture in Existing Concrete

Concure Group’s Moisture Vapor Emissions Eliminators or MVE² Products, includes topical products used to reduce / eliminate moisture and vapor in existing concrete.

MVE² is available in –

  • 100% Solids Epoxy - Available in cure rates ranging from 45 min to 16 hrs. Can also be used to repair/patch concrete. VOC compliant, meets ASTM F2170 requirements

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  • Water Based Epoxy - Can be applied over green or damp concrete. Air dries as it cures and an effective curing agent. Low odor and VOC compliant.

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  • Concrete Slurry - 2 step Penetrating concrete sealer that seals micro-cracks and stops moisture below the surface. Cement-based slurry application offers double protection. Compatible with cement patches, adhesives and floor coverings. No epoxy odor, VOC compliant.

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  • Vapor Barrier PLUS – Non-silicate penetrating concrete sealer. Simple, easy to use spray down application compatible with all floor coverings. Ideal for slabs without cracks.

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