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Nexus 100 is a reactive, two-component, moisture mitigation coating to stop moisture and vapor emissions on existing concrete. Nexus 100 has minimal odor and does not contain solvents. Nexus 100 reduces moisture vapor emission rate of 25 pounds to less than 3 pounds per the ASTM F1869 Calcium Chloride Test. Nexus 100 reduces moisture vapor permeability from 8.6 Perms to less than 0.1 Perms per ASTM E96 Wet Method Test and meets the ASTM F3010 test requirements. 

Nexus 100 is formulated in the following versions: 

  • Rapid Cure- curing in less than one hour 

  • Fast Cure- curing in four hours 

  • Standard Cure- curing in 16 hours

  • Zero VOC 

  • Adjustable curing times 

  • Superior bonding 

  • Fast installation of floor covering 

  • Can be used in adverse weather conditions 

  • Can cure as low as 400F (4.40C)

  • Reduces MVER from 25 lbs. to below 3 lbs. 

  • Solvent free 

  • Can be used as primer for coatings

  • Non-blushing 

  • Does not contain Silicone

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