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DERMAFIER is a lithium based colloidal penetrating densifier that is used in the polish concrete process as well as enhancing concrete surfaces. 
DermaFier creates a breathable, filmless membrane by filling pores of concrete to increase abrasion resistance, improve surface strength and control ASR. The penetrating treatment stops liquid moisture but allows a reduced vapor permeability to make a breathable, protective surface. DermaFier is highly reactive with no residue to rinse away. When used properly DermaFier will fill pores, microcracks and increase surface hardness for permanent protection. 

  • Stops salt attack and infiltration 

  • Stops concrete from dusting 

  • Increases hardness of concrete surfaces 

  • Increases abrasion resistance 

  • Improves chemical resistance 

  • Can be used below or above grade 

  • No residue 

  • Enhances color and clarity of concrete finishes 

  • Densifier for polish concrete 

  • Economical way to seal concrete 

  • Oil and chemical resistance 

  • Will not peel blister or yellow 

  • Breathable surface 

  • ASR protection 

  • UV stable 

  • Resists efflorescence 

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