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Nexus CS200 is a topical, two-step, moisture mitigation application consisting of a liquid surface treatment and polymeric cementitious system. Nexus CS200 reduces vapor emission up to 25 pounds to below 3 pounds as per the ASTM F1869 Calcium Chloride Test. Nexus CS200 is environmentally safe. Does not contain any epoxy resins.

  • Compatible with all adhesives. 

  • Low Odor/Solvent Free/VOC compliant 

  • Water-based system for fast track installations

  • Provides Portland cement bonding surface 

  • Dries overnight for next day floor covering installation

  • Can be cleaned with water 

  • No epoxy odor 

  • Low VOC 4 g/l 

  • No timeframe for flooring installation 

  • Excellent cohesion 

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