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Incore is a liquid admix that when added to concrete it creates an integral membrane to waterproof and control vapor in a concrete structure. Incore enhances concrete by making it more durable, increasing life expectancy and creating better functional uses. Incore can be used as a primary and secondary protection for moisture and vapor.

  • Can be used below or above grade 

  • Corrosion protection from salts in water and air

  • Will not alter set times 

  • Stops hydrostatic static problems

  • Stops moisture migration and capillary reaction

  • Self-seals micro cracks

  • Controls ASR

  • Freeze Thaw resistant

  • Zero voc

  • Reduce construction time

  • Provides permanent protection

  • Negative and positive side waterproof protection 

  • Paintable surface 

  • Increases in chemical resistance 

  • Increases in strength

  • Easy to clean

  • Allows concrete slab to breath

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