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DermaShield is a water based, pre-mixed liquid designed to penetrate deep into the concrete slab. DermaShield is designed to stop hydrostatic pressure and reduce vapor permeability to protect surface applied coatings and adhesives from the effects of capillary moisture and vapor pressure. The organic and inorganic composition of DermaShield penetrates to become an integral part of the concrete slab leaving no surface film or residue. DermaShield permanently forms an internal capillary break preventing positive, negative and horizontal moisture intrusion. DermaShield also forms an internal membrane film further sealing the capillary system from moisture migration and water vapor emissions to provide maximum protection. DermaShield is a white, low viscosity liquid that requires no special handling or equipment.

  • Low Odor/Solvent Free/VOC Compliant 

  • Fast drying

  • Deep penetration 

  • Improved bonding 

  • Fast installation of floor covering

  • Water clean up

  • Can be used above and below grade concrete

  • Stops concrete from dusting 

  • Controls high PH 

  • Improves surface strength 

  • Can take foot traffic once dry same day

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